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MORE FIRE 61 @ Brown Alley (Mel)

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One memorable dance fi sure.
Comfortable venue with enough room to dance and breathe, and enjoy all the wicked selections and styles. A step forward and up in the life of More Fire.
Big ups Melbourne reggae massive. :ites:


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So i wrote a million words reviewing the gig, expressing ideas, opinions, and reasoning, poured my heart into it, spoke da truth to the youth, and then the CLAAAAAAATputer decided to do something weird, erasing everything i just wrote... I suck

Anyhow, Yas was kicking, nice and warming, those tracks that you know, so can sing along a little, wich, in turn, blazes you up for the night! A1-3 was very tight, i saw him @ pressure drop (me thinks???) but was a little too :ganja: to take real care and notice. But on saturday, he shine, and his mate on the mic, a very unnashuming figure, then blasts out a mix of sweet cahatting, and heavier, nicely phrased toasting! VERY IMPRESSED
Ummm... who am i forgetting, it was long ago now! Chantdown, well can you really bad dem? I have been nothing but thouroughly impressed everytime, MORE FIYA TO YOU! :fire: :vinyl: :fire: And of course, was that Damajah, and Vida pon de mic, chanting in the new venue, well, we all got our singing voice into action then, way to work the crowd!
I personally enjoyed SMO's set, it is what we must do as a fairly minority music culture, is to EDUCATE one another! We can not rely on what our close neighbours listen to, because that is nor an accurate representation of what's happening in the world of reggae, all over the globe (unless you live next door to Jesse I hey!). BIG UP to SMO for having the balls to introduce us to a new, Berlin BAm<>BAM sound, and some nicedubplates, rather than just playing the capelton tracks we've all heard, and loved to death, at previous more-fires! It's like the purist reggae thread/argument! this music we live is constantly changing, and so is the way it's presented, in a different way all over the world, so at least have the gut's to LISTEN to something different, RESPECT the way another country/sound does it, and then decide what you like, and don't like!

Well, i have rarely uttered more than 3 words in a row in my life, so that is it for the next two weeks hey... :respect: one another
Peace and Love to all the nations!