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Bring back di ting

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I miss ozreggae.  Not having a facebook account anymore, I rarely know what gigs are happening where, and even when I did have one I rarely knew about gigs cos the links would disappear down my news feed as quick as a man can instagram his dinner.  There are also, so I hear, a lot of new crews around doing things, but how to find out who they are or when they are doing events without resorting to crackbook?


Bring back ozreggae I say!

"I was not educated, I was inspirated. If I was educated I would be a damn fool"



    Boom wha dis!

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Seems like our ozreggae community was a lifetime ago! Great connections and amazing things happened here. Met a lot of people I still call friends today :)

Jesse I

Jesse I

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Look, I'm on board. I'm here. I haven't always been here, it's not like I've been waiting for years for someone to say something. What happened is, my Facebook account's been blocked... so I started digging through my head for other means of communication, and remembered this dusty old thing. So, here I am. What would we like to talk about?


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Greetings from Ethiopia Dunchillin


No more Ozreggae (only on facebook) that is sad could never stand face book never joined)


Came to this site to see if I could find a photo of me with Ziggy Marley in NZ in a hotel room in NZ that a member of the House of Shem posted here but cant find it.


I see the AUD is only .68 cents USD wow! 2008 all over again, Looks like another crash coming. 


Well there you go Dunchillin looks like as always things come to a end. Glad I got out when I did God has bless me. So as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix sang THERE MUST SOME WHY OUT OF HERE, SAID THE JOKER TO THIEF THERE TO MUCH CONFUSION CANT GET NO RELIEF. (Babylon means Confusion)


I got my relief

Take care


JAH LIVES!! we are the children of the rainbow!


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I fully concur!


Ozreggae was way toooooo IRIE to belong in the past!



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