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Sud Sound System

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Sud Sound System

“ULTIMAMENTE” (“LATELY”) is Sud Sound System’s eighth studio album. The band that is the symbol of the fusion between the Salentine tradition and Jamaican reggae has become spokesperson for its community with a proper and recognizable language, gaining audience nationwide that is increasing each year. Through the message, the beat, the warmth of their music, Sud Sound System have shown on a national scale that the stylistic (or linguistic) barrier is an obsolete concept. Signal coming from a land full of vibration, Salento, that was the birthplace of artists like Negramaro and Caparezza. To Sud Sound System the dialect recovery as a means of telling everyday life has become the vehicle to reach the world and places them in a prominent position in the panorama of Italian music. The new album sees the light after almost two decades of journey, when Sud Sound System are reaping the harvest of their work made with passion and devotion.

"Essu de casa cu la capu scijata percè nun c’è fatia…e la vita mia è in periculu.
Trou amici mei cu li stessi problemi culli stessi sorrisi…e cullu stessu periculu
Se te sienti diversu o nun si omologato o te nne futti de iddrhi…pe lu statu è nu periculu
Nun c’è propiu futuru se rimani in silenziu ma se te minti a retare…pe lu statu è nu periculu"

“Ultimamente” track N 10

Sud Sound System’s whole essence can be found in the 16 tracks of “Ultimamente”: from roots reggae to dancehall in its broadest term to the soulful vein of the album’s first single, “Bisogno d’amore”. Musically, the dancehall matrix is an important part in the album’s spine. Respecting its identity, the band of Don Rico, Terron Fabio, GGD, Papa Gianni and Nando Popu winks at a sound that is more in tune with the Jamaican - and international - trend through the use of a Vocoder that makes the verse of the title track particularly attractive. There are also some hardcore tracks such as “Nu me fanno paura”. As in the past, even for the new album Sud Sound System have chosen some featuring among the rows of young Caribbean artists that add a cool touch to the whole record: apart from Ms.Trinity who sings in “Lei è”, there are the featuring of successful Jamaican bands such as TOK and Voicemail. Although it is essential to be behind the times, the evolution in the arrangements isn’t changing the groove and the 90’s mark will definitely please many listeners, both fans and novices. So the shift from a more carefree and solar rhythm to a difficult and thorny issue, for veterans like South Sound System, happens in a delicate but still very effective way. This is the case of thousands of illegal immigrants’ journey of hope towards Lampedusa, sung by Sud Sound System together with the great Jamaican singer Luciano on Afro-Caribbean music with a bittersweet taste. And what already promises to be a hymn to Sud Sound System’s public is entitled “My Home”, a cross-section of the responsibilities of who devastates its land and of a necessary awareness.

“Maledetti ddrhi pacci ed ignoranti c’avvelenanu la terra mia/Nun me ne fazzu nienti de li sordi uesci ieu mangiu frise, rape, ciceri e tria/Per sempre Maledetti politici e corrotti ca sta sfruttanu la terra mia/Ma tratti comu schiavo cu pane avvelenatu ma pe li fiji mei nu me innu chiui”. “Casa Mia” Track N 4

The nuances that Sud Sound System are able to capture are again many. “Ultimamente” is a very strong album when it comes to its contents, and it offers new perspective and interpretation. What worry the band are not only temporary employment and corrupt politicians, but also a general situation that has changed over the years generating physical insecurity, mind insecurity and lack of landmarks.


The origins of Sud Sound System reach back to the Italian movement known as "posse" and considered today – 15 years after its birth and growth as a reality on the national music scene – the most explosive and creative music event that has happened in Italy in the '90s. Of that movement, “antagonist” at the same time both on the music side and the more social side, Sud Sound System has been a prominent part and a primary propulsive energy.

The Sud Sound System – consisting of a group of friends called with meaningful nicknames: Don Rico, Terron Fabio, Nandi Popu, GGD, Papa Gianni - make its debut in June 1991 with the 12” single FUECU/T’A SCIUTA BONA, causing a great sensation in the Italian music business thanks to the toasting in Salento’s dialect, the conscious lyrics and the musical freshness. But the true beginning of Sud Sound System is actually earlier than that, as the best tradition of Jamaican reggae dancehall - with speakers, two turntables and a mic. The first dancehalls start for the closest friends, at home. But soon the small houses won’t be able to contain anymore the many people that come to see them thanks to the word-of-mouth, and the parties continue in the Salentine countryside, among ancient olive trees, abandoned oil mills and in 40° in the summer.

The genuineness of Fuecu and T’a sciuta bona makes the band’s success grow as the number of people at the concerts and the apparitions in national radio and television, like “Avanzi” and “Rai Stereo Notte”. Soon after they perform at “Festival delle Nuove Tendenze d’Autore” in Recanati (the festival is broadcasted live on the national radio Rai Stereo Notte).

In 1992 Sud Sound System releases two 12” singles: the first with Reggae Internazionale and Punnu Ieu, the second with Turcinieddhri and Chiappalu. These new songs become immediately true classics of Sud Sound System’s shows that meanwhile follow one another without a break.

The interest in Sud Sound System isn’t just circumscribed in a musical context: the director Renato De Maria produces a short movie about the Salento reggae scene, broadcasted on Rai 3 (the national television) and director Gianluca Sgalambro makes a video for a Rai 2 show called “Effetto 8”.
In addition to that, Sud Sound System - because of its common points with the pizzica tarantata, understood as a ritual moment of catharsis, creator of altered states of conscience - is the subject matter of sociologists George Lapassade and Piero Fumarola's lessons in Italian universities.

As a testimony of a strong live impact, from 1993 to 2002 Sud Sound System shares the stage with international acts like Macka B and Mad Professor, Little Owie, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Asher D, Chubby Rankin, Daddy Freddy, Thriller Jenna, Sweete Irie, Echo Minott, Shabba Ranks, Wailers, Anthony B, Sizzla. From 1993 to 1994 important tours take the SSS through Europe, reaching France, Germany, Switzerland and England.

In the beginning of 1994 they produce SALENTO SHOWCASE '94, a compilation that involves promising young artists from the reggae scene of Salento; the album enjoys general esteem and encourages the spreading of the reggae and raggamuffin movement of their country.

Preceded by a compilation that sums up the discography from 1991 to 1996, entitled TRADIZIONI, in 1996 SSS releases its first record COMU NA PETRA (for the label CNI) with the participation of some tambourine players from Salento: the record puts the basis for a raggamuffin steeped in pizzica, that has always been the absolutely necessary feature of the band's nature. Songs such as Afro ragga taranta jazz and Crisce start taking shape.

In April 1997 SSS releases the record NO PLAYBACK (CNI), which contains songs taken from the album COMU NA PETRA remixed by important artists from the international reggae-hip hop scene, as well as an unreleased song called Mena moi. In the meanwhile djs from Sud Sound System collaborate with some Italian sound system, recording numerous dub plates, records that are made to be played exclusively in dancehalls.

In June 1999 the record REGGAE PARTY (Royality/Edel) is released, and it’s very well received by the audience and the musical press; it is also present on the Internet web sites Vitaminic and Mpx. In the same year members of SSS make their debut as actors, starring in the Italian movie directed by C. Comencini, LIBERATE I PESCI, set in Salento.

In February 2000 SSS starts its own label called SALENTO SOUND SYSTEM with the release of Gopher’s album (former drummer and singer of the band), a work that sees the collaboration between Sud Sound System and a bunch of well known Italian hip hop artists. The album is entirely recorded and produced at Sud Sound System's studio.

From the summer of 2000 SSS collaborates with Koreya theatrical company in the production of a play called ACIDO FENICO, written by Giancarlo De Cataldo (the author of Romanzo Criminale). The play - very well received by the audience and the press - makes its debut at the Festival of Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna and participates in many Italian theatrical festivals.

In June of the same year SALENTO SOUND SYSTEM releases its second production, a compilation entitled SALENTO SHOWCASE 2000, with the participation of artists from the reggae scene of Salento, a testimony of the result of years of activity and musical engagement on the territory. The unremitting promotion of reggae and its contents makes Salento grow as a lively musical scene full of talents, which justyfies the production of an album that could testimony and increase the value of such creativity at the same time.

In the same month SSS produces Ci e' ca nu Bole, a song about the environment, that is part of a compilation that comes out in the newsstand with the magazine SPECCHIO. In the meanwhile the movie SANGUE VIVO of the Salento born director Winspeare, hits the theatres; the soundtrack includes also Coscienza pe li Vagnuni taken from the record REGGAE PARTY.

In July 2001 SSS releases the record MUSICA MUSICA (Royality/Edel), followed by a massive Italian tour with the band BAG A RIDDIM. In November, they release GIALLURUSSU as official anthem for the football team of U.S. Lecce.

2002 is characterized by a new tour of 50 dates which includes Germany and Slovenia as well.

The 6th of June 2003 comes out the new record LONTANO (Salento Sound System/V2 Records), that reaches immediately the Italian charts as one of the best selling albums. Loads of satisfactions follow the releasing: the videoclip Le Radici Ca Tieni is continuosly broadcasted on the biggest music television stations and wins the MEI Award as best indie video; in October of the same year at Sanremo's Teatro Ariston SSS receives the Targa Tenco for best album in dialect; a completely sold out tour all over Italy and an European tour in Germany, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and Switzerland.

On June 11th, 2004 SSS releases a compilation of their last three records entitled FUECU SU FUECU, an anthology on the second phase of their career from 1997 to 2003, passing through REGGAE PARTY (1999), MUSICA MUSICA (2001) and LONTANO (2003). The collection includes also 2 unreleased songs, Fuecu su Fuecu and Friscu de Sira.

On May 06th, 2005 SSS releases ACQUA PE STA TERRA (Salento Sound System/V2 Records), the fifth album, presented in preview at the concert Primo Maggio, in Rome, in Piazza San Giovanni. It’s a dancehall album, very much mature in comparison with the previous works: the sound and the aggressiveness are more marked and reach the heart at once. The record is embellished by the contribution of renowned reggae artists: LUCIANO, with his conscious reggae in Now Is The Time; CHICO in Acqua Pe Sta Terra; ANTHONY JOHNSON in the prayer Jah Jah Is Calling; GENERAL LEVY in the unfailing protest song Nu Te Fa Futtere.

The records gets the silver plaque for having sold more than 20.000 copies.

Among the three singles taken from this work (Ciao Amore, Sciamu a Ballare, Tocca lu cielo), the second one has turned out to be a real tormentone just before the summer, and has seen grow more and more the figure of the young Salento born act Marina, for whom SSS has produced the debut album COMU PASSIONE, recorded in its studios in S. Donato di Lecce and released on the 7th of July 2006 through V2 Records.

On 27th October 2005 the band participates in the second episode of Adriano Celentano's show, ROCK POLITIK.

On 26th May 2006 the release of LIVE AND DIRECT 2006 (Salento Sound System/V2 Records) marks the first live CD/DVD in the history of Sud Sound System (Terron Fabio, Don Rico and Nandu Popu). On the stages all around Italy and partly in Europe, accompanied by the Bag A Riddim Band, SSS has always expressed itself in all its energy and spectacularity. It's in the live dimensione that the band has always given its best.

The Dual Disc has been recorded in the occasion of the concert made on 22nd March 2006 at Alcatraz, in Milan, where more than 3.000 people have sung, danced and jumped on the Salento-Jamaican rhythm of one of the Italian most gripping and involving bands: the packaging contains a CD with 75 minutes of live songs, chosen among two hours of intense concert, and a DVD with many of the songs performed at the venue and other extra contents (interviews with the band, backstage footages, the videoclips of Le radici ca Tieni, Sciamu a ballare and of the first single Ciao Amore).
The DVD contains also 2 tracks recorded at Rolling Stone in Milan on 10th December 2005: a really beautiful acoustic version of Principe (taken from the 2003 album LONTANO) and Sciamu a ballare with the participation of Marina, the new voice of Italian female reggae.

The year ends with a spectacular show at Palalottomatica in Rome in the occasion of Save The Children Reggae Festival: the 10.000 people that on November 17th fill the stadium are waiting for SSS, to sing all together, again.

Year 2007 starts with two important events: on January 11th SSS plays in Groningen, in Holland, as guest of the meeting Noorderslag Weekend / Eurosonic.

A few days later SSS flyes to Nairobi in Kenya, in the occasion of World Social Forum, and performs in the shantytown of Dandoora, the biggest and most populated town in Nairobi, and succeeds in involving the whole population. From the experience SSS decides to dedicate the 2007 tour to raising funds for the shantytown.

Between May 26th and September 8th 2007 SSS is engaged in a long summer tour that offers the occasion to present the new release “Salento Showcase 2007”, third compilation dedicated to the new Salento born acts produced by its own label, Salento Sound System, and published by V2 Music in June. Once again SSS performs together with the Bag A Riddim Band, and gives a little taste of what the new record (expected for January 2008) is going to sound with a couple of unreleased songs, while playing its biggest successes.

In November SSS releases, as advance, a long awaited 3-track 7", that has been distributed all around the world from November 2007:
- Una Sula featuring Kiprich on genuine riddim
- Long Time by Don Rico on Mafioso riddim
- Me Love How She Gwaan by Terron Fabio and Daddy Freddy on She gwaan riddim
On May 2008 the new Sud Sound System record hits the stores. DAMMENE ANCORA, the seventh studio album, is embellished by the contribution of Jah Mason, Kiprich, Esco, Morgan Heritage, Neffa, Laza, Bling Dawg, Daddy Freddy. The first single “Chiedersi come mai”, is featuring Neffa.


1991 – Tradizioni (CNI Music)
1996 – Comu Na Petra (CNI Music)
1999 – Reggae Party (Royality Records)
2001 – Musica Musica (Royality Records)
2003 – Lontano (V2 Records)
2005 – Acqua Pe Sta Terra (V2 Records)
2006 – Live&Direct (CD+DVD – V2 Records)
2008 – Dammene Ancora (Universal Music)
2010 - Ultimamente

7’’ & 12’’:

1989 T’a Sciuta Bona
1991 Reggae Internazionale
1999 Reggae Party
2004 Fanne Cu Splende
2007 Maledetta Televisione
2008 Danne Culure
2008 Una Sula
2008 She Gwaan
2008 Long Time
2009 Dimme Ce Buei