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Lawless Street

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The Professor at the controls today to kick the month off in fine style.



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Yes Yes - look out, I coming fully strapped this arvo with a dirty big box of 7s straight from yuntry!
LAWLESS STREET - 2RRR 88.5FM [SYDNEY] Thursdays 4 - 6pm

flying fish

flying fish
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Hey guys. I'll be listening on the way home from work, good luck calming my road rage (your show seems to assist).


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Natural Facts - Cornell Campbell (Trojan 7")
Harvest In The East - Tommy McCook (Impact! 7")
I Am A Revolutionist - Freddie McGregor (Studio One 7")
Rootsman Party - Don Carlos (Thompson Sound 7")
Blood River - The Chantells (Phase One 7")
Supper Time - The Chantells (Phase One 7")
Send Another Moses - Lopez Walker (Phase One 7")
Gunmen Coming To Town - The Heptones (Trenchtown 7")
Pirate - The Ethiopians (Treasure Isle 7")
What A Great Day - Lacksley Castell (Rockers 7")
No More Will I Roam - Dennis Brown (Jammy's 7")
Call The Police - John Wayne (Jammy's 7")
Big Belly Man - Admiral Bailey (Jammy's)
Mind Yu Dis - Gregory Isaacs (Anchor 7")
Nuff Respect - Lady G (VP 7")
Make Them Come - ?(?)
Gunshot A Bust - Michael Palmer (Powerhouse 7")
Trial & Crosses - Earl 16 (Thompson Sound 7")
Hot Bum - I-Roy (Hop 7")
Give Me Loving - The Black Brothers (Hop 7")
I Wouldn't Baby - The Sharks (Rio 7")
The Toughest - Vietnam Allstars (Rio 7")
Wicked Men - Bibby & The Astronauts (Blue Beat 7")
Move Up - Al & The Vibrators (Doctor Bird 7")
Run For Cover - Lee Perry (Doctor Bird 7")
Push Wood - Jackie Opal (Coxsone 7")
Judge Not - Bob Marley (Beverley's 7")
One Cup Of Coffee - Bob Marley (Beverley's 7")
Kingston Town - Lord Creator (Clan Disc 7")
Hard Time In The City - Bushman (John John 7")
Revolutionary - Terry Ganzie (Fat Eyes 7")
Put Down Your Weapons - Capleton & Yami Bolo (Fat Eyes 7")
Ganja Smoke - Ward 21 (John John 7")
Good Over Evil - Luciano (Xterminator 7")

Great show Prof - with a few of my own personal faves in there and some gems I had never heard. :lighta2:

Let me know if there are any errors in the list (if you can be bothered with all that), as bit of guess work involved here and there.



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Jeez Chris - you did pretty well with the list, but I can't believe you couldn't distinguish between the originals and represses that I played :wink:
Natural Facts is on Neville Sounds, the Freddy McGregor is called I man a Rasta and is on Studio One, the Gunmen Coming to Town I have is on Studio One, my version of Nuff Respect is on Anchor, Mek Dem Come is a Nitty Gritty tune and the Bibby and the Astronauts I have is on their own Astronaut label. Thanks for doing the podcast and the list (I did a list but left it at home) and hope people enjoy it - let us know what you reckon if you have a listen :phones:
LAWLESS STREET - 2RRR 88.5FM [SYDNEY] Thursdays 4 - 6pm


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Noted. :thumbs:

I can't believe you couldn't distinguish between the originals and represses that I played

Shall have to clean my ears out! :grin:


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This week will be a Prince Buster special. Been having a great time listening through stuff to play and think its gonna make for a great show. Tune in. :wink:


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Yes Chris ... can I request "Hard Man Fe Dead" or "Ten Commandments" !

Bless !
Play by the king for love is all I bring ...

Social Living

Social Living
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"Ten Commandments" !

Hehehe... I'd forgotten about this tune, it played on my iPod while on the bus the other day, made me laugh out loud!
Very funny, very good.

Will check this weeks Lawless Street for sure, but will have to wait for the podcast, from Coogee it sounds like you're broadcasting from the moon!


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from Coogee it sounds like you're broadcasting from the moon!

Yeah its a western Sydney t'ing! :lol:

Will definately role out Ten Commandemnets and I know the Professor is a fan of Hard Man Fe Dead (as am I), so it will get an airing too.

Listening through some of this stuff I'm in awe of just how good Buster was.


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We are broadcasting from the moon, I live in the sky, Pipecock Professor. :beam: :beam:

Our signal died in the arse recently when we switched to stereo (prior to that we were in old school mono) and we lost a few loyal listeners including the Ambassador in Tempe and, it seems, our Coogee colleagues too. That's a real pisser for us and you - well done Chris for keeping the flag flown high via the podcasts.
LAWLESS STREET - 2RRR 88.5FM [SYDNEY] Thursdays 4 - 6pm


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Today's show

Gun The Man Down - Prince Buster Allstars (Blue Beat 7")
Buster's Welcome - Prince Buster Allstars (Blue Beat 7")
August 1962 - Prince Buster Allstars (Blue Beat 7")
Independence Song - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Humpty Dumpty - Eric 'Monty' Morris (Ska Boogie CD, Sequel)
Oh Carolina - The Folk Brothers (Ska Boogie CD, Sequel)
High Blood Pressure - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Broadway Jungle (aka Dog War) - The Maytals (Blue Beat 7")
Ten Commandments of Man - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Eve's Ten Commandments - Helen Flemming (Blue Beat 7")
The Duke, the King, and the Sir - Prince Buster (Prince Buster 7")
Whine And Grine (Wreck A Pum Pum CD, Prince Buster)
Dip Them Prince - Charmers (Blue Beat 7")
Enjoy Yourself - Prince Buster (King Of Ska CD, Jet Star)
Drunkard's Psalm - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
The Fugitive - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Ryging - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Eye For An Eye - Prince Buster (Fly Fying Ska LP, Prince Buster)
Taxation - Prince Buster (She Was A Rough Rider CD, Dojo)
Big Five - Prince Buster (Big Five CD, Westmoor)
Sit And Wonder - Prince Buster (200% Dynamite CD, Soul Jazz)
They've Got to Come - Prince Buster (Dice 7")
Forward March - Derrick Morgan (Tougher Than Tough 4CD, Island)
Black Head Chinaman - Prince Buster (Dice 7")
Blazing Fire - Derrick Morgan (Moon Hop 2CD, Trojan)
Praise Without Raise - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
No Raise, No Praise - Derrick Morgan (Moon Hop 2CD, Trojan)
Ling Ting Tang - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Healing - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Hard Man Fe Dead - Prince Buster (Tougher Than Tough 4CD, Island)
Seven Duppy - Prince Buster All Stars(Blue Beat 7")
Seven Wonders of the World - Prince Buster All Stars (King of Ska CD, Jet Star)
Lucky Seven - Prince Buster (Fly Flying Ska LP, Prince Buster)
Dance Cleopatra - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7")
Judge Dread Dance - Prince Buster feat. Rico (Judge Dread Rock Steady CD, Dojo)

Thanks to the Ambasador for assistance



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Ambassador at the controls tomorrow. Enjoy :thumbs:


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Might be the odd error in this playlist, but it went something like this...

Swing Easy - Soul Vendors
Baby Why - The Cables
Wear You To The Ball - U.Roy
Miss Hoity Toity - The Heptones
Mosquito One - Dennis Alcapone
Casius Clay - Dennis Alcapone
Billy Goat Skank - I-Roy
Queen Of The Minstrel - Cornel Campbell
Free Man - Ethiopians
Kiddyo - The Silvertones
Me No Born Yah - Reggae Boys
Rasta Bandwagon - Max Romeo
When Jah Speaks - Murt, Turt & Purt
Let Him Go - Bunny Wailer
Arise Blackman - Peter Tosh
Bad Card - Bob Marley & The Wailers
New Love - Herman Chin-Loy
I And I Survive - Bad Brains
Good Together - Hopeton Lewis
Pray Mama - The Ethiopians
Merry Up - The Godsons
Creep Before You Walk - The Gaylads
Warrior - Johnny Osbourne
Listen To DJs - Long Beach Dub All Stars
Sit Pon It - Super Cat
Just Me & My Girl(?) - ?
Gunsmith - ?
Wake The Town - U.Roy
Mafia - Lloyd Parkes
Buckshot - Ruppie Edwards
Oh What A Feeling - The Wailing Souls
Christmas Song - King Tide
Reggae From The Ghetto - John Holt
Domino - The Maytals
Peckings - The Ballistic Brothers
Coconut Rocks - The Skatalites

podcast sooon come


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Another show in all styles. Definately will have to include some rocksteady after yesterday's discussions. Anyhow all you western sydney-ites can tune in live from 4pm and I will try to sort out a podcast tonight for anyone else interested in a listen.



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Train To Skaville - Jackie Mittoo & Soul Brothers (Last Train to Skaville CD, Soul Jazz)
Coming On The Scene - Johnny & the Attractions (Trojan 10")
Rude Boy - Sammy Dread (Kings of Reggae 2CD, Raptser)
M16 - Lone Ranger (Kings of Reggae 2CD, Raptser)
Pressure & Slide - Carlton Patterson (Black & White 7")
Come Nurse - Welton Irie (Black & White 7")
Englishman - Barrington Levy (Englishman CD, Greensleeves)
Worries In The Dance - Frankie Paul (Hitbound Selection CD, Pressure Sounds)
Bandits Taking Over - Wailing Souls (Firehouse Rock LP)
Double Six - U. Roy (Upsetter Box Set 3LP, Trojan)
A Love I Can Feel - John Holt (A Love I Can Feel LP, Studio One)
Age Is Growing - Johnny Clarke (Dreader Dread LP, Blood & Fire)
Exit Music - Sugar Minott & Easy Star Allstars (Radio Dread CD, Easy Star)
New Civilisation - Burning Spear (Creation Rebel 2LP, Heartbeat)
Mule Jerk - Jackie Mittoo (Punch 7")
Got My Bugaloo - Jakie Mittoo (Catch This Beat LP, Island)
Train Is Coming - Ken Boothe (Studio One 7")
How Long - Pat Kelly (Nationwide 7")
Dark End of The Street - Pat Kelly (Bunny Lee Rocksteady Years CD, Moll-Selekta)
See Them A Come - Mr Foundation (Studio One Rude Boy CD, Soul Jazz)
To The Foundation - Dennis Brown (Kings of Reggae 2CD, Raptser)
Heart In Pain - Vinnie O'Brien (Herb Dust Vol. 1 LP, Kingdom)
Land Of The Brave - Lisa Dainjah (Melbourne Meets Kingston CD, Elefant Traks)
My Meditation - Bushman (Biggest One Drop Anthems 2005 2CD, Greensleves)
Be Strong - Sizzla (Biggest One Drop Anthems 2005 2CD, Greensleves)
Black Star Liner - Reggae Regular (Greensleeves 7")
Revolution Dub (Take 1) - Steele Pulse (Island 7")
Hard Minded Neighbour - Eugene Paul (Pama Supreme 7")
Soup - Loyd Young & JJ Allstars (Suedehead Box 3CD, Trojan)
Modern Love - Sunshiners (promo CD)
Remember That Sunday - Alton Eliis & Phyllis Dillon
Only Yesterday - Ken Parker (The Reggae Train LP, Trojan)

with thanks to the Ambassador