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Sledger 3D - JAs 1st 3D movie

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Got this email this morning, thought I'd share the love:


Can you help support Jamaica's first 3D movie?
Sledger_large.jpg  A Tale of Loss and Triumph, Poverty and Paradise.... This is the day in the life of Hugh Creek Peart, aka "Sledger," an elder Rasta farmer living in 9 Mile, the most beautiful, yet poorest part of Jamaica where he has struggled to survive for over half a century. His story is similar to the hundreds of thousands of other Jamaicans struggling to make ends meet, a life of poverty in paradise. Despite the plight of the many living in the small farming village of Nine Mile, Sledger is quite unique: Born and raised in the same household with his first cousin and best friend, Robert Nesta Marley. 

This is also the story of 9 Mile, Bob Marley's home village up in the breathtaking hills of St. Anne's where simple farmers fight for running water and education for their youth. Sledger recounts what it was like growing up in the 50's and 60's with Bob, his family roots and the Rasta culture they found when they went to Kingston, which at that time was shunned, but now pervades every part of Jamaica. 
In the 50's, all the village kids called Bob Marley, Skipper because they looked to him as their leader. Sledger followed Bob and his Mom to Trenchtown, far away from home.Sledger was there with Bob as he rose to be a global sensation. But when Bob died, Sledger was left without his friend, retreating back into the shadows, into his faith. 
Sledger is featured in the 2012 Ziggy Marley produced Bob Marley documentary where he talks about growing up with Bob. But this documentary is different. It is about Sledger and what his own life has taught him. 

The unique experiences of Bob, Sledger and others-- including Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh and dozens of Reggae greats-- led to a wealth of inspiration for songs dealing with the cultural, social, and political issues of time, many of which remain relevant today. This documentary captures Sledger's struggle, the intimate 3-D cinematography immersing you in the place and his story.


Principal photography on Sledger was completed in 2009, but his story has been curtailed due to the inability to afford completion of post-production. Shot over an arduous 12 days with a two-person crew, isolated in remote parts of Jamaica with little or no support, and using prototype 3-D equipment, Sledger is not only a labor of love, but a technical achievement.
That is where you play an important role in telling his tale-- with an added dimension. WHY 3-D?
A one-of-a-kind subject deserves a special experience. When in professional hands, 3-D truly does enhance your visual experience and enjoyment. In an environment such as Jamaica, the rich tropical backdrop, vivid colors and unique people make an even greater impact.

3-D film making has evolved to become an exciting and successful medium through innovations in technology and technique. Since Sledger was filmed, cameras have become easier use., Real-time editing in 3-D is a reality, and the entire process-- from conception to finish-- has been streamlined.
Stereo-based visual storytellers are now able to focus less on their equipment, and more on their subject.

This film holds the distinction of pioneering 3-D film making on a micro budget, and being the first of its type shot in Jamaica.
That's me, Victor

  transparent.gif This is an independent film and we're hoping to try and raise funds for the film producer to finish the film via the Kickstarter Campaign which is why we are reaching out to all Reggae fans and trying to spread the word about the project. The film is of considerable interest to Bob Marley fans as Sledger Peart is Bob's cousin and lived with Bob and his family and the film sheds much light on his childhood with Bob and the area in which they lived, something that no other film before this one has managed to capture so well.

Please take a look at the official campaign page and if you have the time share the link and if your able help support in anyway you can.
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Reggae Films UK

http://youtu.be/Cy0-0_Nwss8 transparent.gif Please take a look at our Kickstarter Campaign, if you are unable to support financially by reserving a DVD copy or one of the alternative options then sharing this email or the URL on your Facebook page...
would be a GREAT help and a good way in which you can help to give SLEDGER a chance at making it to the big screen in a town near you.

This project will only be funded if at least $14,000 is pledged by Wednesday Sep 11, 3:57pm EDT. Funding period
Jul 28, 2013 - Sep 11, 2013 (45 days)


Reggae Films UK (A dedicated voluntary supporter of SLEDGER - Jamaica's 1st 3D Documentary)


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